Tremolo; being 42; London 7/7

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Tremolo; being 42 and London 7/7 Tremolo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈtrɛːmolo]), or tremolando ([tremoˈlando]) in music, is a trembling effect. ‘Amplitude variation’ rapidly turns the volume of a signal up and down, to create a “shuddering” effect. Some electric guitars use a (somewhat misnamed) device called a “tremolo arm” or “whammy bar”. Continue reading Tremolo; being 42; London 7/7

Pedal board

Pedal board Pedals and effects (and a pedal board), have played a big part in the development of my sound from about a year after I started playing Bass in 1990. This is an overview of how my pedal board has changed over the years’, and if you haven’t thought Continue reading Pedal board