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About. What’s this all about then? In Q&A style: –

Originally published: 13/10/2014

Q: What is InfinityBass?

A: InfinityBass is my take on life as a Musician, Bass player and composer ~ with a day job.

I have written new music for my first on-line EP release, entitled “Midnight Sun” (now available to download), which I would describe as an alternative blend of jazz, Brit-funk and post-rock Dream pop.

I also post on my Blog from time to time, and write reviews about gear I use ~ or have used and recommend.

Q: Why did you choose Bass?

A: Bass guitar is my 3rd instrument. I started on Violin at school in 1980, and I’ve always enjoyed playing and writing music on the piano.

In the late 1980’s, I played Bass parts on a synthesizer in a church youth group band that was forming.

I migrated to Bass guitar when I could afford to buy one. As I’ve grown into it, I love being a Bassist.

I’m conventional and it suits me. “Bass gives music it’s grounding. The warm, driving depth it provides helps everything else make sense.” (anon).

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