Night Wire Tremolo | EarthQuaker Devices | Review

Night Wire ™ Tremolo by EarthQuaker Devices ™

My review of the Night Wire ™ Tremolo pedal ~ on Bass!


  • Traditional Tremolo with adjustable filters;
  • Filter Frequency has Manual, LFO, and Attack modes for tonal variety;
  • Filter Frequency LFO mode: Continuously sweeps and frequency control adjusts the speed;
  • Tremolo section has Manual and Attack Modes;
  • Tremolo Manual mode: Rate control sets the speed;
  • Attack mode; Responds to how hard the strings are being played.


The Night Wire is a touch sensitive dynamic ‘harmonic’ tremolo. It is a combination of sine-wave tremolo and phaser effects, that may be controlled by finger or pick attack, set to manual speeds, or controlled by the on board Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) split 180 degrees.

The Night Wire ™ can be adjusted from the center point of both filters for a huge range of tones. The pedal has four knobs:-

1. Level; 2. Rate; 3. Depth and 4. Frequency;

Also, two toggle switches;

  1. Rate: 2-way switch with Attack and Manual modes;
  2. Frequency: 3-way switch with LFO, Manual and Attack modes.

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EarthQuaker Devices | Blog | July 2017

EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices ™ “quite possibly the best pedal company in Akron, Ohio, USA” was founded in 2004 by Jamie Stillman, with his wife Julie Robbins working alongside as Vice President.

The company name comes from an idea for a fake metal band called ‘EarthQuaker’.

Jamie says, “I handle all the circuits, oversee branding and various other chores”.

“Julie is the master brain behind EQD. She handles all the dealers, artist relations, accounting… pretty much everything at the business end”.

Stillman began building effects pedals for friends whilst playing guitar and drums in bands (punk to psychedelic rock) and working as a graphic designer. He currently plays guitar in a band called Relaxer.

He says EarthQuaker Devices started from a broken pot on a DOD 250 overdrive pedal, because the circuit schematic appealed to his life-long tinkering gene.

“I’m thankful for the faulty pot on that 250! Without it, so many promising roads may have remained un-traveled and so many amazing effects would still be lost in the ether”.

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Pedal board

Pedal board Pedals and effects (and a pedal board), have played a big part in the development of my sound from about a year after I started playing Bass in 1990. This is an overview of how my pedal board has changed over the years’, and if you haven’t thought about using effects on Bass before, a guide to getting the best from them:- Originally … Continue reading Pedal board