OC-2 Octave by BOSS | Review

OC-2 Octave by BOSS | Review | Introduction:

Originally published: 17/10/2014;
Updated: 28/09/2018.

OC-2 Octave pedal by BOSS. A Bass players not-so-secret weapon!

The pedal produces extra octave sounds; either one or two octaves below the original note or both. It also has three knobs: –

  • ‘Direct’ Level: the original tone blended with the effect;
  • ‘OCT1’: (Octave -1) one octave below;
  • ‘OCT2’: (Octave -2) two octaves below.

OC-2 Octave by BOSS | Production:

The pedal was sold from April 1982 and discontinued in September 2003. It was originally a much lighter non-metallic brown, and called ‘Octaver’.

The name changed to ‘Octave’ in early 1984, with the darker brown colour introduced about 12 months later.

As a guide, you might expect to pay between £75 and £90 for an OC-2 on the used market, in fully working condition, and with the original box.

OC-2 Octave by BOSS | Specification:

Controls: Octave 1 Level (Oct 1), Octave 2 Level (Oct 2), Direct Level;
Connectors: Input, Output, AC adaptor;
Current Draw: 4 mA (DC 9 volts);
Weight: 400 g (15 ounces).

  • Here is a link to download a Free copy of the Manual

BOSS | OC-2 Octave | Review

OC-2 Octave versus OC-2 Octaver by BOSS | Video:

A video published on youtube by ‘Andy Bassist‘ on Apr 17, 2017; shows a battle of the original Japanese ‘Octaver’ versus the Taiwan produced ‘Octave’. It’s old versus older! but is there really that much difference?

OC-2 Octave by BOSS | In use:

I acquired my first OC-2 back in 1995, and I use it with ‘direct’ level knob turned full up, on almost everything.

Some +1 Octave up pedals produce a sound that’s too synthetic to my ear’s, but the OC-2 blends your original Bass tone, and either -1 or -2 Octaves below, which just sounds way better (at least on Bass).

I position the pedal just after my filter and before my modulation pedals because pitch shifting effects have a tough time handling a signal with too many other effects in front.

“I love the way this pedal thickens my sound. The OC-2 doesn’t track perfectly, but I think that’s why it works”.

OC-2 Octave by BOSS | Sounds-like:

You can’t judge low-end sound on laptop, tablet or phone speakers!

Please use headphones or ‘real’ speakers. The sound clips were recorded with;

  1. Jaydee Infinity Custom 4-string Bass (Active)
  2. Trace Elliot GP12VX preamp (set flat) into Tascam US-322 Interface
  3. DAW: Reaper 5 | 24 bit (44.1HZ) uncompressed
  4. BOSS OC-2 Octave | Made in Taiwan | December 1994

OK. ‘OCT1’ (-1 Octave below) in the pre-amp effects loop, with ‘Direct level’ turned to full on up: –

  • ‘OCT2’ (-2 Octaves below) in the pre-amp effects loop, with ‘Direct level’ turned to full on up: –

  • Lastly, both ‘OCT1’ and ‘OCT2’ (-1 and -2 Octaves below) in the pre-amp effects loop, with ‘Direct level’ all the way to full on up: –

OC-2 Octave by BOSS | The final analysis:

  1. Design and ease of use: 90/100
  2. Features: 80/100
  3. Reliability: 95/100 – built like a BOSS!
  4. Sound quality: 75/100
  5. Value for money: 85/100
  6. Overall score (non adjusted): 85/100 — An excellent pedal and recommended.

In summary, the BOSS OC-2 was one of the first pedals I put on my pedal board in 1995; I’ve tried a few others including the MXR Octaver Deluxe, and it’s still there! 

InfinityBass.com | by Simon Edward | October 17th, 2014

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