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Night Wire ™ Tremolo by EarthQuaker Devices ™

First published: July 3rd 2017

This is my review of the Night Wire™ Tremolo pedal ~ on Bass with sound clips.

The Night Wire is a touch sensitive dynamic ‘harmonic’ tremolo.

A combination of sine-wave tremolo and phaser effects may be controlled by finger or pick attack, set to manual speeds, or controlled by the on board Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) split 180 degrees.

The Night Wire ™ can also be adjusted from the middle point of both filters for a huge range of tones.

The pedal has four knobs:-

1. Level; 2. Rate; 3. Depth and 4. Frequency;

Also, two toggle switches;

  1. Rate: 2-way switch with Attack and Manual modes;
  2. Frequency: 3-way switch with LFO, Manual and Attack modes.


  • Traditional Tremolo with adjustable filters;
  • Filter Frequency has Manual, LFO, and Attack modes for tonal variety;
  • Filter Frequency LFO mode: Continuously sweeps and frequency control adjusts the speed;
  • Tremolo section has Manual and Attack Modes;
  • Tremolo Manual mode: Rate control sets the speed;
  • Attack mode; Responds to how hard the strings are being played.


  • Dimensions: 4.625″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″ with knobs
  • Connectors: Top mounted; 1/4″ Input and Output jacks. AC Adaptor.
  • True Bypass: Yes, with relay based switching. Audio will not pass without power.
  • Current Draw: The manual says 78 mA. 9 volts DC center negative.

Here is a link to download a free copy of the Night Wire ™ Manual

EarthQuaker Devices | Night Wire Dynamic Tremolo | Review

Sounds like:

How does the pedal sound on Bass? I’ll let your ears decide.

My own experience of using the pedal tells me there is no loss of low-end, and no need for a clean blend.

Please use headphones or ‘real’ speakers. You can’t judge low-end sound on laptop, tablet or phone speakers!

The sound clips were recorded at home with the following set up: –

  • Bass ~ Jaydee Supernatural Series 2 four-string (Active)
  • Amp ~ Trace Elliot GP12XV (set flat)
  • Looper ~ ‘360’ by Electroharmonix
  • Night Wire™ Tremolo | Handmade in moonlit Akron, Ohio, USA | April 2016
  • Interface ~ Tascam US-322
  • DAW ~ Reaper 5 | 24 bit and uncompressed at 44.1 Hz
  1. Dry sound of my Jaydee Supernatural Series 2 four-string Bass (no effect):-

2. Both toggle switches set to Manual mode. The Rate control is used to set the speed of the tremolo, whilst the depth (set beyond unity) adds some shimmery vibe:-

3. In LFO mode, the tremolo continuously sweeps, and the frequency control adjusts the speed:-

4. With the Rate toggle set to Attack mode, the tremolo rate increases when the strings are played harder.

The frequency knob works as a range control, in relation to the rise and height of the tremolo.

The frequency toggle is set to manual and the frequency dial is being swept from counter to fully clockwise, and then back to counter clockwise:-

Night Wire ™ Tremolo | Attack Attack!

5. The next sound clip has the Attack Rate setting combined with the Attack setting on the frequency toggle. 

The Depth dial is set to full on and the effect is pulsating!

6. Fixed filter; Phase shifter and Envelope-controlled filter sounds can also be produced.

This gives the pedal plenty of flexibility and extra versatility.

Manual Rate and Frequency toggle set to Attack, with Depth set to full on:-


There are so many things to like about the Night Wire Tremolo ~ what’s not to like?

  • Sound quality: Crystal clear tremolo with no perceived loss of bottom end; 
  • Flexibility: Four dials and two toggle switches (with five modes);
  • Versatility: Tremolo and modulation sounds; Phaser, fixed and envelope-controlled filters;
  • Pedal artwork (by Matt Horak)
  • Midnight purple metallic finish;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Compact Size.

The secret is how the toggle and mode switches interact with the Depth and Frequency controls. 

How hard or soft you play can also energise your music and make playing even more.. fun!

Final analysis:

  1. Design and ease of use: 95/100 – compact size and top mounted input/output jacks;
  2. Features: 90/100 – Four dials, two toggles and five modes; although some may bemoan the lack of tap tempo;
  3. Reliability: 95/100 – build quality is some of the best I’ve ever seen;
  4. Sound quality: 95/100 – crystal clear tremolo and phaser effects with no loss of low end; 
  5. Overall score (non adjusted): 93/100 — simply outstanding!

In summary, I Love the sound of Tremolo on Bass. The Night Wire is extremely versatile, except for perhaps one or two other types of Tremolo.

When Earthquaker first announced the ‘Night Wire’, I was excited ~ and still hyped to hear the sounds it produces! | by Simon Edward | July 3rd 2017


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