Privacy and Tracking Policy | Privacy and Tracking Policy

Privacy is important to me, and it should be just as important to you too.

My website places a small text file called a cookie on your computer or device because they help me to provide a better user experience, through analytics. However, you may prefer not to accept them.

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Cookie law:

Cookie law helps protect your online privacy, by explaining how information about cookies is collected and used online and gives you a choice to allow them or not.

My website stores cookies in your browser to ‘remember’ information between pages or visits.

However, some cookies collect data across many websites to create ‘personal profiles’.

These profiles can be used to decide what content or adverts to show you.

Please visit Cookiepedia – an on-line resource all about cookies to find out more.

Privacy and Opting Out

In summary, I think it’s important to be able to control personal data collection relating to

(N.B. you cannot opt out of Flash cookies or HTML5 local storage because they help operate the website).

I don’t use these technologies to collect personal data.

  • You can visit Google’s Ads Preferences Manager to opt-out of ad delivery on the Google content network;
  • If you wish to opt-out permanently, you can install their plugin here;
  • Also, disable analytics for mobile apps from the settings screen on your mobile device;
  • To opt out of interest-based ads on mobile devices, please follow these instructions for your mobile device;
  • Android: open the Google Settings app on your device, and select “ads” to control the settings;
  • iOS devices with iOS 6 and above use Apple’s advertising identifier;
  • You can use the settings of your device to opt-out of location tracking when using my website;
  • To opt-out of analysis by Google Analytics on my website and other websites, please go to >> | by Simon Edward | February 19th, 2016.