By Simon Edward ☛ UK Bassist ~ with a day job.

Overview | Infinitybass In-depth

Overview | InfinityBass by Simon Edward

Firstly, this is an overview of my web pages and blog.

‘InfinityBass’ is my take on life as an Independent Musician, Bass player and song writer ~ with a day job.

My web pages are one way I share knowledge and experience gained as a musician over 25 years and more.

I’ve played electric Bass since 1990 and my music is rooted in alternative Rock, Jazz, Ambient and Electronic music.

Please bookmark my Feed for updates. Thank you for being there.

Overview | Biography:


Overview | Biography | Simon Edward |

  • Simon started on violin and piano at age 7, studied music at secondary school (O-level pass)
  • Migrated to Bass guitar at 17-years old. Member of two bands as Bass player:-
  • “2nd Generation” Band (Rock, pop and gospel covers; 1988 to 1998)
  • “TWB”; Christian praise and worship group (2000-2001) with Stuart Martin 
  • Solo artist and songwriter (2012 to date)
  • Released first digital EP “Midnight Sun” (15th January 2018)

He says, “My first EP Midnight Sunis all about what I’ve learned so far about writing, recording and releasing my own songs; and without the help of one or two friends, it would not have been possible”.

Overview | Quotes:

“Tone down, but don’t turn down. Turn up the volume. Use your talent to Infinity and beyond. You will inspire others to do the same”


Finally, Simon is not sponsored or paid to endorse products. However, he may recommend or promote a product or individual voluntarily. All views expressed are his own.

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About | by Simon Edward | Updated: January 2018.


Hello! I am Simon ~ author of UK musician, song writer and Bassist ~ with a day job.

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