Overview | Infinitybass.com

Overview | InfinityBass.com by Simon Edward

Hello! and thank you for being there. This is an overview of my website (or prologue).

I am Simon Edward, the author ‘InfinityBass.com’ which is my take on life as an Independent Musician, Bass player and song writer ~ with a day job.

“Being someone nobody thought I could be.”

I’ve been playing electric Bass since 1990 and played in a couple of bands, mainly for fun.

My music is post rock ‘Dreampop’, infused with jazz and funk elements.

Overview | InfinityBass.com

InfinityBass.com | by Simon Edward | UK Bassist and song writer

My web pages are one way I share knowledge and experience gained as a musician over 25 years and more.

There is no paid advertising on my website, and I aim to keep it that way.

The views expressed on my blog and in my reviews are my own. I may wish to recommend an individual or product voluntarily.

Finally, please bookmark my Feed for updates. You can also get in touch here Connect

InfinityBass.com | by Simon Edward | Updated: April 2016