Synthpop: The Way I feel (about you)

“The Way I feel ~ about you” Synthpop

“The Way I Feel (about you) is a synthpop song inspired by a photograph of an ocean landscape scene for the Basschat composition challenge”;

I recorded the song and produced the arrangement at home between 1st and 23rd October 2013.

You can listen here:- Music


Simon Edward: Bass, vocals, keys and programming; Also features licensed samples and loops with thanks to: –

Stuart Keenan for the mellow pad loop;
Rob Bridgett for the Ocean Waves:
‘Funkidrum’ 120 BPM appears courtesy of:

Made with:

  • Jaydee Custom Bass;
  • Yamaha SY85 synth;
  • Reaper by Cockos.

Thank you for listening.

The Way I feel (about you) | SynthpopSynthpop:

A genre of music that first became prominent in the 1980’s, and features the synthesizer as the dominant musical instrument. 

Early synthpop pioneers included: –

Japanese group ‘Yellow Magic Orchestra’;

British bands ‘Ultravox‘ and ‘The Human League‘; the latter largely used monophonic synthesizers and drum machines to produce music with a simple and austere sound. 

In the late 1980’s, duos such as ‘Erasure‘ and ‘The Pet Shop Boys‘ adopted a sound that was highly successful in the dance charts. But, by the end of the decade Synthpop had been largely abandoned. 

The introduction of dance beats and more conventional rock instrumentation made the music warmer and catchier and contained within the conventions of three-minute pop.

Treble-dominant, synthesized melodies and simple drum patterns gave way to thick, and compressed production, and a more conventional drum sound.

Lyrics were generally more optimistic, dealing with romance, escapism and aspiration.

According to music writer Simon Reynolds, the hallmark of 1980’s synthpop was its “emotional, at times ‘operatic’ singers” such as Marc Almond, Alison Moyet and Annie Lennox.

Because synthesizers removed the need for large groups of musicians, these singers were often part of a duo, where their partner played all the instruments.


Simon Edward | | Updated: June 6th 2016

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