Breaking News | by Simon Edward

Breaking news

“Breaking News” is a song about 24-hour television news media and reporting of global events. Do these channels exist for the greater good?

I wrote most of the lyrics whilst on holiday in Spain, during the week that news was broadcast of a British soldier’s murder in London, by an extremist.

And then came the punditry;

Breaking news | credits

Simon Edward: Bass, vocals, and programming
Arranged and recorded at home: June 2013

Made with:-

  • Jaydee: Custom ‘Infinity’ Bass
  • Trace Elliot: GP12XV Preamp
  • Focusrite: Saffire 6-USB
  • Electro-voice: N/D 257 Mic
  • BOSS: OC-2 Octave

Breaking News | Chill pop |

  • Also contains Licensed samples from: –
  • Drum loop: ‘Chill Drum’ 65 BPM by danke @
  • ‘Time+Space Distribution’: Ambient skyline;
  • and (various newsreels).

Thanks for listening. | by Simon Edward | September 22nd, 2014.

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