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Music. Firstly, the music I compose is an alternative fusion of post-rock ‘Dreampop’, with elements of jazz and funk. Here are some clips of the tracks from my forthcoming EP. I hope you enjoy them: –

Shade of Red © ~ Dreampop

“Shade of Red” is a song inspired by my love of music, the color red and a personal battle against depression.

It is about Music, Life, Love, and Being. I wrote and recorded the song at home between July 2014 and November 2016.

Credits, and with much love to: –

  • Stuart Martin on Drums and percussion;
  • Helen on Piano;
  • Simon Edward on Bass (and other things).
  • Stuart appears courtesy of Tricorder Records

You can read more here ☛ Shade Of Red

Merry Go Crazy © ~ Funk Rock

Inspired by the Merry-go-round of life, which can drive us all to distraction: –

“When life becomes complicated ~ find joy in each other and the gift of laughter.”

You can read more here  Merry Go Crazy

Rain © ~ Dreampop

“Rain” was inspired by the sound of windchimes. I was at a very low point in late 2012. It’s difficult to put into words exactly what happened for me to be feeling the way I felt at this time. It was probably lots of things.

‘Rain’ was my way of doing something creative and positive to help draw a line under those feelings.

You can read more here  Rain

Breaking News © ~ Dreampop

I wrote the lyrics to “Breaking News” whilst on holiday with my family in Spain. It is a song about 24-hour broadcast media and global events.

I recorded, mixed and mastered the song at home, which features licensed samples and loops: –


  • ‘Chill Drum’ 65 BPM by;
  • ‘Time+Space Distribution’: Ambient skyline;
  • and (various newsreels).

Downtown Bleecker © ~ Jazz: Instrumental

I composed “Downtown Bleecker” after hearing the British Saxophonist Simon D’souza play on some of his own loops, which he kindly gave permission for me to use.

Sadly, I didn’t get to meet Simon, who passed away in May 2014, and this composition is dedicated to him: –

I named this track after a journey I made to Bleecker Street subway station in New York City, March 2000.

You can read more here  Downtown Bleecker

Finally, a Big “Thankyou” for listening. The musicians featured and I really appreciate it! :+) | Music | logo | Established 2014

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