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Influences ~ The artists who helped me grow most as a musician


Influences and my music | Infinitybass.comInfluences. A retrospective look at a difficult, but at the same time, enjoyable parts of describing an important part of my musical journey;

These are the artists, who through their music, have helped me grow the most as a musician.

Some of the artists, writers, and musicians will need no introduction, but if they do, please follow the links to their official websites to find out more. Thank you.

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Level 42: “World Machine”

Influences | Level 42 | World Machine | Album

“Mike Lindup and Mark King are still my biggest influences (as a musician).

‘World Machine’ was the first album I bought on vinyl and cassette, and for that reason it will always mean a little more to me than all the other records on this list.

In many ways, this was the album that ‘made’ and led to the break up of the original band – at the same time”.

The song writing, the musicianship and production make for a unique album.

The singles from this album remain popular, although many of the songs on ‘side 2’ are some of my favourties too; “I sleep on my heart”; “Dream Crazy” and “Lying Still”.

Level 42’s 6th studio album was released in 1985 on the Polydor label, and produced by Wally Badarou and the band at Maison Rouge Studios in Strasbourg, France.

The album reached No.3 on the UK album chart, staying on the chart for 72 weeks.

‘World Machine’ also entered the American Billboard 200 (reaching the Top 20) where it stayed for 36 weeks.

The album features the singles “Leaving Me Now” and “Something About You”, which was a US top 10 hit and peaked at No.7.

The song “Dream Crazy” appeared only on certain European versions of the album.

Official website: –

Phil Collins: “…But Seriously”

Influences | Phil Collins | ...But Seriously | Album

“A great album. I can only assume that much of the negativity towards Phil and his success in music are born out of jealousy?

Opinions are like a$$holes ~ everyone has them. Not many so-called ‘bland’ albums remain popular more than 25 years after release.

To be able to hear three legendary Bassists on the same record is seriously good.”

  • Leland Sklar;
  • Nathan East:- “Hang in Long Enough” and “Something Happened on the Way to Heaven”;
  • Pino Palladino:- “Do You Remember?” and “I Wish It Would Rain Down”.

The 4th solo studio album by singer-songwriter Phil Collins, released on November 24th, 1989.

‘…But Seriously’ spent 15 non-consecutive weeks at number one and was the best-selling album of 1990 in the UK.

In the US, the album contained five singles, all of which reached the Top 40 on the American Billboard Hot 100.

This album remains the most successful album released by Phil Collins (as solo artist), in terms of the number of hit singles from one release.

Official website: –

Oleta Adams: “Circle of One”

Influences | Oleta Adams | Circle of One | Album

“Oleta’s soulful voice and piano, the jazz-influences and the song arrangements make for a beautiful album.

Pino Palladino is the Bassist, who combines impeccable timing with subtle harmony to the lead vocal throughout. The right phrasing at the right time, and on fret-less Bass!

Retrospectively, this was the record where I realised how to play Bass in a group.

If ever I feel down about my own playing, I put this record on and work through it to remind myself (in one way) how Bass can sound and feel.”

Oleta Adams is an American contemporary R&B artist, pianist and singer-songwriter. “Circle of One” was released on May 14th, 1990.

She was previously-known-as the backing vocalist on Tears for Fears’ 1989 album, ‘The Seeds of Love’.

Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears’) and Dave Bascombe produced the album, with song arrangements by Anne Dudley and William Orbit (remixes).

Brenda Russell’s ‘Get Here’ was the 3rd single from the album, which peaked at No.4 in the UK and No.5 in the US Billboard chart.

The album was subsequently re-released with two additional tracks and peaked at No.1 in the UK and also made the US Top 20.

Official website: –

Mike Lindup: “Changes”

Influences | Mike Lindup | Changes | Album

“Mike Lindup is still one of my biggest influences. It’s the way he manages to weave different musical styles and influences into his own compositions.

A happy, positive, soulful vibe flows throughout the album. The song-writing is timeless.

The musicianship and production are flawless and the tracks are diverse.

Of course, it is Mike Lindup but there is little on this album that sounds exactly like Level 42″.

Mike Lindup began a staggeringly successful career as keyboard player, vocalist, song writer, and producer in platinum-selling band Level 42 (still going strong), and now an established solo artist.

He co-founded the band Level 42 in 1980 with Phil and Boon Gould and Mark King.

Over the next 15 years, the band went on to sell more than 30 million records across 13 albums.

In 1990, Mike released his first solo album ‘Changes’, which features his great friend Dominic Miller on Guitar, Pino Palladino on Bass, Manu Katche on Drums and Miles Bould on percussion.

Official website: –

To be continued. | by Simon Edward | Updated: March 1st, 2015.

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