Basses: by Jaydee, Alembic and Musicman

Basses | by Jaydee, Alembic, and Musicman

I started playing electric Bass guitar in 1990, when I joined my first band at the age of 17, and most of the Basses I’ve owned since then have been acquired pre-loved.

One of the first Basses I acquired was a Jaydee Supernatural ‘Roadie’ 2A Bass. I subsequently met John Diggins at his work shop in Brighton Road, Moseley through someone we both knew in 1993.

I’ve managed to own six JD Basses, which includes two GA24 fretless Basses, a ‘Roadie 2A’ Bass, Supernatural Series 2 and 3 Basses and my own custom GA24 ‘Infinity’ Bass.

I own three Jaydee Basses at the moment, because why the heck not? I can’t see myself playing much else, but then again, you never know!

Jaydee: GA24 Custom ‘Infinity’ Bass

My Jaydee Custom long-scale GA24 Bass was designed and hand built by John Diggins in Birmingham (United Kingdom) in 2001:-

My Basses | Jaydee GA24 | 'Infinity' Custom Long scale | 2001I’d always wanted J.D. to make a custom Bass for me. I liked the design features from the ‘Calibas’ Bass, such as the tear drop string anchors, the head stock, and the built-in output socket.

John had the idea to add the ‘Infinity’ inlays to the fret board, and they look absolutely stunning! The complete build took around 12 months.

There is a modified active circuit with four band EQ, and a new truss rod design with carbon graphite reinforcement.

The end result is a design mix of all the Jaydee Basses I have owned, which includes the Supernatural, GA24 and the Calibas.

Jaydee: Supernatural Signature Series 2A Bass

My Basses | Jaydee Series 2 Supernatural Bass | Volcano Red | 1986My pre-loved Jaydee Series 2A Bass, with ‘Funk groove’, was acquired from Monkey Biz music (Romford, UK) in 1993.

John Diggins built the Bass in 1986 which is finished in volcano red, with front-face LED’s fitted by Martin Sims.

This is the Bass I like playing the most, and it’s set up with lighter gauge strings (35-55-75-95).

John fitted a brass ‘roller’ nut and a new integrated pre-amp circuit board in 2001.

An example of how the Bass sounds; a short sound clip recorded at home with my Trace Elliot GP12XV preamp – and no compression: –

Jaydee: GA24 fretless Bass

My Basses | Jaydee GA24 fret-less | Supernatural Bass | Pearl white

My Jaydee GA24 fretless Bass, finished in pearl white. It was acquired in 1995 from Monkey Biz music (Romford, UK). The pick-up covers are by J.D. but they are not the one’s fitted originally.

This Bass produces a warm-growl-like sound when the strings are played with the non-fretting hand towards the end of the fingerboard.

Jaydee: Supernatural ‘Roadie’ 2A Bass

My Basses | Jaydee | Roadie 2A | Long scale

“This was the first Jaydee Bass I owned. A Supernatural ‘Roadie’ 2 Active Bass in tobacco sunburst finish. It was acquired pre-loved in 1992 from Monkey Biz music (Romford, UK) for a bargain price of £495!

Aside from the smaller body shape, the only difference from the signature series is the absence of the D.I. out for recording.

A great Bass which was a very good fit for me, with one of the best neck profiles I’ve ever played. After a couple of year’s, I exchanged this Bass for the supernatural series 2 Bass, which I still own today.

I discovered recently that this very same Bass was for available in Belgium (2018), and I understand it is now back in the UK.”

In summary, A ‘Jaydee’ Bass catches your eye when you see one, and have epic tone and sustain, through any combination of amplifier and cabinet.

I think every Bassist should have at least one Jaydee Bass in their armory.

Alembic: Signature (Standard)

My Basses | Alembic Signature Series Bass“My long scale Alembic signature Bass (hand built in Santa Rosa, California, USA).

An impulsive purchase from ‘The Bass Center’ in Wapping (London) in late 2000.

The Bass is made from exotic cocobolo wood, and it’s the most expensive Bass I’ve owned.

However, looks can be very deceptive. I’ve struggled to get a tone I like out of this bass. I feel the EQ system is over complicated.

The Bass has a large body, which weighs more than 10 KG, with the stretch down beyond the 3rd fret making the Bass feel uncomfortable, even when seated”.

Musicman: Sterling RAY34ca

My Basses | Sterling by Musicman | RAY34ca Bass guitar“My Sterling RAY34ca Classic Active Bass by Musicman was acquired pre-loved in October 2014.

The Bass, built in Indonesia in 2011, is finished in Tobacco sunburst and has an ash body and maple neck.

The on board two band active pre-amp was re-voiced from the 2010 models, with noise significantly reduced.

It is comfortable to play, but I’ve changed the supplied strings to a slightly lighter gauge.

This Bass gets close to top marks, but the oversize tuning pegs look too big.”

You can read a Review by following this link to my blog post: – Sterling Ray34ca Review | By Simon Edward | September 20th, 2014

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