Alter Ego V1 custom delay Review

Alter Ego V1 custom delay | Review

This is my overdue review of the first version Alter Ego custom delay by TC Electronic.

In fact, this review is so long overdue that TC describe this pedal as a legacy product. But, better late than never?

* TC Electronic: Copyright © 2018 MUSIC Tribe Global Brands Ltd. All rights reserved.

As a Bass player, pedals and effects make up a big part of my sound, although I never thought delay would be an effect I would use as part of my own pedal board set-up. 
However, some effects that I think sound good on Bass, such as chorus and flanger, are built upon a very short delay of a few milliseconds;


The first version of the Alter Ego pedal is based on the legendary TC Flashback delay (and looper), but with two custom sounds (the EHX Deluxe Memory Man and Binson Echorec) not available in the Flashback pedal.
The Flashback delay has the Lo-Fi and Dynamic delay settings – not available on the Alter Ego.
This aside (and the colour difference), the two pedals are exactly the same.
The Alter Ego V1 also works with all Flashback TonePrints.
A legacy product, and rarely available new, you might expect to pay up to £150 for one (brand new) or between £80 to £120 at auction, in fully working condition, and with the original box.

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EarthQuaker Devices | Blog | July 2017

EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices ™ “quite possibly the best pedal company in Akron, Ohio, USA” was founded in 2004 by Jamie Stillman, with his wife Julie Robbins working alongside as Vice President.

The company name comes from an idea for a fake metal band called ‘EarthQuaker’.

Jamie says, “I handle all the circuits, oversee branding and various other chores”.

“Julie is the master brain behind EQD. She handles all the dealers, artist relations, accounting… pretty much everything at the business end”.

Stillman began building effects pedals for friends whilst playing guitar and drums in bands (punk to psychedelic rock) and working as a graphic designer. He currently plays guitar in a band called Relaxer.

He says EarthQuaker Devices started from a broken pot on a DOD 250 overdrive pedal, because the circuit schematic appealed to his life-long tinkering gene.

“I’m thankful for the faulty pot on that 250! Without it, so many promising roads may have remained un-traveled and so many amazing effects would still be lost in the ether”.

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Monday blues | Blog | January 2017

Monday blues: January 16th, 2017

It came as something of a surprise to hear that the third Monday of January is thought of as the most depressing day of the year;

For most of 2017 so far, I feel there are reasons to be cheerful, and optimistic for the year ahead.

A little research has revealed that in 2005, a Psychologist thought it might be a good idea to create a scientific reason why someone might want to think about booking a summer holiday at this time of year.

This is the formula used to calculate when the day is supposed to arrive: – {[W + (D-d)] x T^Q} ÷ [M x N_a].

This Blue Monday, you can help reduce the stigma associated with depression by talking about it, and by using the day to experience more happiness. please visit the website >>

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Reaper DAW Review | Why I Love Reaper 5

Reaper DAW Review | Why I Love Reaper 5

Reaper DAW. Why this brilliant Digital Audio Workstation is my DAW of choice: –

  • First published on: July 21st 2016; 
  • Last updated on: October 1st 2018.

What is Reaper?

The name comes from; Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording (REAPER).

“A computer-based application which offers advanced multi-track audio, MIDI and video recording environment in both 32-bit, and 64-bit download versions for Windows and OS X”.

Pricing and distribution is somewhat unusual, because it relies on the honesty of the user.

Is Reaper Free?

It’s your choice to buy a license, which I think is very generous because don’t most people love everything to be free these days?

Are there limitations with the demo version of reaper? With the exception of a short ‘countdown’ before the application starts up, there are none whatsoever.

A discounted Reaper DAW license key costs $60 (around £50 UK Sterling) if: –

  • REAPER is for your own individual personal use; Or
  • You are an individual or business using REAPER commercially, and yearly gross revenue does not exceed USD $20,000; Or
  • You are an educational resource or not-for-profit.

Does Reaper stop working after 60 days?

The reaper evaluation period expires after 60 days, but the application doesn’t stop working.

The license key gives access to a crazy feature rich DAW, with more than 300 FX plugins (‘ReaPlugs‘) and a dedicated development team for just £50! which is staggeringly good value for money.

Licensed by Cockos Incorporated Copyright © 2004-2018 (founded by Justin Frankel) and based in New York City | NY 10012

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2015 Review

2015 Review | | Blog

2015 Review. Let’s do a month-by-month recap of everything that’s happened this year!


My Pedalboard. I love using pedals and effects. However, it was time to move on some pedal-related gear that had become surplus. Out went the PB-600 pedal board, and the SGT Pepper custom pedal board. In came the ‘Octa-switch-2’ and a ‘Showman’ pedalboard and case.

#Pedalboard | 2015 | by Simon Edward | No chain as such ~ separate isolated feeds into Octaswitch 2 by Carl Martin. I'm using Polytune Noir, Nova Modulator, Alter ego Delay, HOF Reverb and Nova Dynamics (compressor) and the legendary BOSS OC-2 Octaver; Powered by 'Pro Power' by Carl Martin.. The board and case is the Showman by Diago UK. Zero tone suck and big fun to use!!:

“Note to self: There is no such thing as a ‘complete’ pedalboard ~ only stopping points between revisions”.

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Bass bash; Run of hope; Level 42

Bass Bash; Run of hope and Level 42 Late September and I found myself at the 9th annual “Basschat : South-east Bass Bash” at Jubilee High School in Surrey. For anyone unfamiliar, Basschat is a “UK based on-line Bass players’ forum, for Bassists everywhere”. It was my debut at this years’ event, some three years’ after first posting on the forum. It was about time; … Continue reading Bass bash; Run of hope; Level 42