August and Barotrauma

August and Barotrauma

August. Family holidays have become a necessity. My wife says holidays are essential, but I will only admit to enjoying them, once I’ve arrived at the destination.

I have a particular problem with anything connected to flying. Airports, airlines, and aeroplanes: –

  1. Arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure;
  2. Pay a small fortune to park the car somewhere near the terminal;
  3. Print off your own boarding pass and still wait in line at check-in;
  4. The “me first” attitude of other customers passengers.

The Holiday? I spent a week with my family in the Canton of Ticino, Southern Switzerland, which is close to the Italian border. I won’t bore on about the delicious food, wine, chocolate and gorgeous lake views. Cheers!

August | 2015 | Ticino | Switzerland


My ears are quite sensitive things. All those years’ playing BASS with or without headphones perhaps?

During a flight, I experience ‘Barotrauma‘ which causes partial hearing loss and quite a bit of ear pain.

What are the causes? “The eardrum retracts (owing to rapid changes in cabin pressure) as the aircraft goes from a high altitude and low atmospheric pressure towards the ground, where the pressure is much higher”.

Barotrauma | How does it work?: If you’ve ever experienced Barotrauma and hated it too, here are some tips to reduce the symptoms:-

  1. Once the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign is turned on and the plane begins to descend, swallow several times. This helps keep the eustachian tube open and equalize ear pressure. If this doesn’t work, gently blow your nose.
  2. Chewing gum (like swallowing) activates the muscle that opens the eustachian tube. Yawning is also a powerful way to open your eustachian tube.
  3. About one hour before, take a decongestant. This will help shrink membranes, open your eustachian tube, and make your ears pop more easily.
  4. Try ‘earplanes’. Small silicone rubber ear plugs that have a filter that equalizes the effects of cabin air pressure changes. These may help if a cold or sinus congestion makes it hard to relieve discomfort by swallowing air.
  5. If you fly frequently, and often experience pain that lasts long after your flight, consult an ear specialist.
  6. Avoid air travel ~ take the train where you can.

In September, will be a whole year old. It has ‘flown by’ if you will excuse the pun.

During my holiday, I had plenty of time to sit and think about what to do next.

The first thing I’ve done is make a short statement about advertising on

This also appears on the Introduction page:-

There is no paid advertising on my website, and I do not receive any cash, products or sponsorship from any individual(s).

However, I may wish to recommend or promote a product or individual voluntarily.

Finally, all views expressed on my webpages are mine alone”.

My knowledge and experience, in some aspects of music since 1990, means I feel I have more to contribute than simply promoting myself. I am working up a new format for reviews, featuring gear I have actually owned and used, which will include 30 second sound clips.

The sound clips will be hosted on Clyp The best platform for creators to share audio”. © 2017 Clyp, Inc. All rights reserved. Made with Love in Austin, TX.

Another thing I’ve learned is to aim for consistency across all social media formats. My preferred way of sending out updates is via Twitter.

Any messages on social media from InfinityBass should be focussed on ‘music’, at least 80 percent of the time.

Please check that you are following InfinityBassUK for my updates.

The last word

I can remember a time, just a few short years’ into playing BASS, when an elder at our local church shot at me with a water pistol during a Sunday morning service. He took the view that our worship group was: –

  1. too loud;
  2. out of control;
  3. “The work of the devil”.

None of it true, of course. He was a bully. The small amount of water that went onto my guitar did no damage, but the one ounce of respect I had for him evaporated in less than a second.

He apologised afterward, but I didn’t believe him when he said it was “only a joke”.

Sometimes you will find yourself around people where you have to:-

“Tone down, but don’t turn down’ the real you. God gave us a mind to broaden our horizons and to think about how we can make a difference.

You can’t make a difference if you’re anything less than who you really are.

Turn up the volume ~ use your talent to Infinity and beyond. You will inspire others to do the same.”

August | Turn-it-up | Simon Edward | InfinityBass | by Simon Edward | First published: August 30th, 2015.