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Originally published: 13/10/2014

Q: What is InfinityBass?

A: InfinityBass is my take on life as a Musician, Bass player and composer ~ with a day job.

I have written new music for my first on-line EP release, entitled “Midnight Sun” (now available to download), which I would describe as an alternative blend of jazz, Brit-funk and post-rock Dream pop.

I also post on my Blog from time to time, and write reviews about gear I use ~ or have used and recommend.

Q: Why did you choose Bass?

A: Bass guitar is my 3rd instrument. I started on Violin at school in 1980, and I’ve always enjoyed playing and writing music on the piano.

In the late 1980’s, I played Bass parts on a synthesizer in a church youth group band that was forming.

I migrated to Bass guitar when I could afford to buy one. As I’ve grown into it, I love being a Bassist.

I’m conventional and it suits me. “Bass gives music it’s grounding. The warm, driving depth it provides helps everything else make sense.” (anon).

Q: What music are you into?

A: I will listen to almost anything, but post-rock Dream pop, Jazz and Funk do it for me.

Ambient and chill out music ~ a very misunderstood genre ~ also tick a few boxes.

Here is a link to a page about some of my musical influences

About | My musical influences

Q: Which Bass players have influenced you most?

A: In no particular order, they are:- 

  • Mark King ~ More than a Bass player. Musician, singer, songwriter, producer and musical director, who has managed to bring together the best musicians, and co-written some fantastic music/songs. Then he takes it all out on the road.
  • Julian Crampton (‘incognito, ‘Down to the Bone) ~ I’ve seen and heard him play in London with Jazz-funk collective ‘Incognito’ on several occasions. Classy, extremely talented Bass player, who makes it look so easy ~ it isn’t!
  • Pino Palladino ~ Brings his unique sound and style to any genre of music and makes it sound special. Funky, melodic and anything in between. Never getting in the way of other musicians; Pino adds just the right feel to the track.
  • Nathan East ~ I first heard him play on ‘Behind The Mask’ from the 1986 album ‘August’ by Eric Clapton, and then ‘…But Seriously’ with Phil Collins. A solid, smooth groove!
  • Doug Wimbish ~ He says, “I’m the outsider ~ I’m noisy!! When people see me with my pedals and effects, they get nervous and think I’m a frustrated guitar player or something. I’m not just a Bass player. I’m a sound system!”

Q: The best thing about being a Bass player?

A: I see different instruments in a band (or an orchestra) needing people, whom more often than not, have personalities to match. For example, Singers and soloists tend to be comfortable with the limelight. 

Percussionists are the ‘heart’ beat of the music who lend the energy; And with their own unique stamp and style.

I think a good Bass player is someone who thinks about the music, and the band, as a whole. If the drummer is the ‘heart (beat)’ of the music, then the Bassist is the ‘soul’.

A Bassist has the last word on the ‘mood’ or groove of the music. We can change the bass line over any drum pattern and end up with a completely different musical style. We can also influence the drummer by inducing changes in tempo.

However, we can mess up a performance in a nano second by playing the wrong note at the wrong time.

We hold everyone else on our shoulders. If anyone falls in the band, we are the safety net to catch them. If the Bass player falls, then that can often mean a significant change in a band’s identity. That’s deep stuff.

In general, the Best thing about being a Bass player is having the real power, but without anyone else being aware of it.

Q: Any advice for those thinking about starting on BASS?

A: These are the most important things I’ve learned about playing Bass over the years’.

You can find it here:- 7 secrets other Bassists don’t want you to know

In short, listen to and watch other Bassists, who play the music you’re into, and you won’t go too far wrong.

Q: Is it really ‘All About That Bass’?

A: Yes ~ and No.

About | All About That Bass

Q: Can you break down an average gig for you?

A: There’s no bigger challenge for me than playing Live! At this moment, I’m concentrating on recording new music at home and developing my song writing.

I love being able to release my music on-line for anyone to hear, wherever they are in the world.

Q: My question isn’t answered on this page! What should I do?

A: If you send me an email, I will try and answer your question as best I can. Details of how to do this are on my Connect page.

InfinityBass.com | by Simon Edward | October 13th, 2014.

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