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2015 Review. Let’s do a month-by-month recap of everything that’s happened this year!


My Pedalboard. I love using pedals and effects. However, it was time to move on some pedal-related gear that had become surplus. Out went the PB-600 pedal board, and the SGT Pepper custom pedal board. In came the ‘Octa-switch-2’ and a ‘Showman’ pedalboard and case.

#Pedalboard | 2015 | by Simon Edward | No chain as such ~ separate isolated feeds into Octaswitch 2 by Carl Martin. I'm using Polytune Noir, Nova Modulator, Alter ego Delay, HOF Reverb and Nova Dynamics (compressor) and the legendary BOSS OC-2 Octaver; Powered by 'Pro Power' by Carl Martin.. The board and case is the Showman by Diago UK. Zero tone suck and big fun to use!!:

“Note to self: There is no such thing as a ‘complete’ pedalboard ~ only stopping points between revisions”.


Winter NAMM 2015. A trade-only event, and therefore I could not attend in person. My highlights, from a Bass players’ perspective were: – Bassbone V2 by Radial; Micro Tour-U series 2W amp by Eden; ‘Vertigo’ Tremolo by Source Audio; Minifooger Chorus by Moog.

Hardly ground breaking, but some welcome additions all the same. Unfortunately, it seemed to take forever for these new products to become available in the UK, and meantime, I decided to consider alternatives.


The London Bass Guitar Show 2015 is a UK trade fair. For me, the days of purchasing the latest and greatest thing to play on my next recording or at my next gig, are safely behind me.

Not even paying an extra few quid on top of the £20-£25 admission fee, to see Mark King slap a Bass into some kind of order, could tempt me to attend!


A different corner. 15 years ago, Stuart Martin (Drummer) and I found ourselves in the corner of a rehearsal space at our local church. Today, the same two musicians, with no less heart or soul than all those years’ ago.

The time and place were not important. Three hours went by in what seemed like five minutes. Some things never change.

Stuart Martin and Simon Edward | 2000 and 2015This time we were working on an idea in the same space, and to see it take shape on the video afterwards was a real eye opener!


Eurovision 2015. My wife is a Greek Cypriot, born and raised in London. Her interest and enthusiasm for the event can only be matched by ‘Doctor Eurovision’ himself!

I was warned in advance this was going to be long evening! 4 hours long.

Sweden, who had to qualify in one of the two semi-finals, had the best ‘presented’ song overall, which included supporting computer generated ‘chalk drawing’ graphics on stage.

The song, called “Heroes”, was performed by Måns Zelmerlöw. He told the audience: “We are all heroes, no matter who we are, who we love or what we believe in.” His song went on to win!


Milestones: On June 17th 2012, I joined an on-line Bassist forum called ‘Basschat‘. “The UK based forum for BASS players everywhere.” I still visit and read the threads, especially the ‘Effects’ forum.

Other players’ posting shots of their pedal board revisions does not help my ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome!’


My 42nd Birthday. I enjoyed some time away from the rat race and switched off the internet!


I was just a few years’ into playing BASS, when an elder at the church, took the view that our worship band was ‘the work of the devil’. Not true of course. He shot at me with a water pistol during a Sunday morning service.

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This year, I made my debut at the 9th annual “Basschat : South-east Bass Bash” at Jubilee High School in Surrey. And lo, it was very enjoyable.

It was also 25 years since I went to my first Live gig. Level 42 at the Hammersmith Odeon, London in 1990.

What better way to mark the occasion than with a Level 42 gig at the ‘Indigo O2’ in London. My 15th Level 42 show, which was just a few months after my 42nd birthday.


I made some 30-second sound clips of the legendary OC-2 Octave pedal by BOSS with Bass guitar.

To make it a little easier to record the sound clips, I used the ‘360’ Nano looper pedal by Electro-harmonix which allows you to store 11 different loops. A pedal with a knob you can turn to eleven!


If you’ve read my About page, you will know that I draw inspiration for my own music from a diverse range of artists and musical genres.

This includes an atmospheric sub genre of alternative rock music called ‘Dream pop’ (post-rock). This is my ‘Summer 2015’ Playlist. Please give these artists 30 seconds?

If you like what you hear, please visit their websites to find out more. And if that’s not a shameless plug, then I don’t know what is!


I use Reaper DAW to record at home, and this month I spent time reading up and re-learning what I thought I knew about recording, mixing and mastering my music. It turns out, they’re three very distinct processes. Isn’t it obvious?

But, when approached in a joined up way, this can make a huge difference to what ends up hitting people’s ear’s!

Update: I wrote a blog post called Why I love Reaper DAW which is my take on what makes Reaper a relatively inexpensive, but superb option for the home recording musician; And how to make your mixes (and masters) sound even better, with some FREE plugins ! I hope you enjoy it.

The last word

To conclude my 2015 Review. If it wasn’t for my blog, then I might not have been able to devote as much time to my musical journey this year.

I still don’t practice or write enough, but I am a musician with a young family ~ and a day job. That’s my excuse.

I could have released two new songs this year, which will appear on my forthcoming debut EP/album.

They are called ‘Shade of Red’ and ‘Alter ego’. It has not been for the want of trying.

And on that note, I wish you all the very best for the year ahead.

InfinityBass.com | by Simon Edward | December 28th, 2015.