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Published: 22 Sep 2014

Updated: 22 Sep 2019

Latest news |5th Anniversary

22 September 2019 is the 5th Anniversary of where I blog (occasionally) and share knowledge and insight into my journey – as an independent UK musician, Bassist and songwriter.

My wife made this delicious chocolate orange cake to celebrate! X

Latest news | 5th anniversary |

Update | Music: “Midnight Sun” (EP)

An extended play ‘EP’ of songs which were written and recorded at home between June 2013 and December 2016.

Inspired by an eclectic range of influences and rooted in post-rock dream pop, Jazz, ambient and electronic music:-

“Midnight Sun” (EP) |Track List

  1. Merry Go Crazy
  2. Shade of Red
  3. Rain
  4. Breaking News
  5. Downtown Bleecker


Simon Edward: Bass, programming and production

Stuart Martin: Drums and percussion

Helen Flack: Piano on ‘Shade of Red’

Simon D’souza (late): Alto Saxophone; with

Reiner Kolla: Tenor Saxophone on ‘Downtown Bleecker’

Midnight Sun EP | by Simon Edward | Latest news


‘Megapaul’: “Pope La belle” Guitar loop on ‘Merry Go Crazy’;

‘Mr. DOS’: “Radio loop” on ‘Rain’;

Kamen Nedev: “Thunderstorm” on ‘Rain’;

‘Time+Space Distribution’: ‘Ambient skyline’;

‘XxYounG’: Drum loop on ‘Breaking News’; (various samples). by Simon Edward | 22 September 2019

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