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Hello and thank you for being there! I’m Simon Edward. A UK-based independent musician, composer and Bass player ~ with a day job. And the author of

I share knowledge gained over 25 years and more as a musician via my web pages, and on my Blog from time to time. I also write reviews about gear I use ~ or have used, and recommend.

The music I compose is post-rock ‘Dream pop’ infused with jazz, and funk elements.

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Feature: From the Blog! | EarthQuaker Devices ~ by Simon Edward

I’ve posted thoughts about one of my favourite pedals and effects creators ~ EarthQuaker Devices. When I first started learning more about the EQD sound, I was suprised to find that it didn’t shake me to the core as much as I wanted it to – far from it. But how come?

At one point, I wondered whether an EQD device would become a feature of my pedalboard, but as it turned out, it was just a matter of time. I’ve recently added a Night Wire™ Tremolo and Spatial Delivery™ filter.

Here is my first review (with sound clips). I hope you enjoy! >> Night Wire Harmonic Tremolo on Bass | disclosure ~ by Simon Edward

First and foremost, there is no paid advertising on my website. I do not receive any cash, products or sponsorship to provide opinion on my blog about products, services, websites and other topics.

I only recommend products, services and individuals that I believe (based on my own personal experience), are worthy of a recommendation.

Finally, all views expressed on my webpages are mine alone. | by Simon Edward | July 3rd 2017


  1. 02/10/2015

    no ads…no selling out….love it…same here…damn the commercialism…let’s do it for the love.

    • 04/10/2015

      Hello! and thanks for your comment… Yeah! let’s do it for the love 🙂

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