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Hello! I am Simon Edward. ‘InfinityBass’ is my take on life as an Independent Musician, composer, Bass player and author ~ with a day job. “being someone nobody thought I could be.”

Introduction | | July 31st 2016I’ve been playing electric Bass since 1990 and played in a couple of bands, mainly for fun.

Following a 10-year break from music in 2002, I began composing and writing my own songs, which I would describe as a fusion of ‘Dreampop’ (post-rock) and electronica, with elements of jazz and funk.


Introduction |

There is no paid advertising on my website, and I do not receive any cash, products or sponsorship from any individual(s).

However, I may wish to recommend or promote a product or individual voluntarily.

Finally, all views expressed on my webpages are mine alone.

Introduction | | Bandcamp

Meanwhile, I am writing two new songs; ‘Shade of Red’ and ‘Alter ego’ to complete my first solo project, which will be available to buy as a physical copy CD and/or download for “name-your-price” through

Why Bandcamp?

“Bandcamp is an on-line platform for artists to sell physical and downloadable music and merchandise directly to fans, and a community of listeners who support the artists they love by paying them directly“.

In Summary: –

  • Firstly, because Bandcamp feels down-to-earth, authentic and professional;
  • Bandcamp converts one uploaded audio file type and converts it to many;
  • I like the way you can filter by a couple of parameters (such as genre), and find undiscovered gems.
  • Who is making money from streaming? Bandcamp gives the highest percentage cut to the artist (85-90%) and still serves up 320 kbps MP3’s;
  • There’s still something good about purchasing music; because it’s better to help other artists out.

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Simon Edward | | Updated: April 2016

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