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Hello! I am Simon Edward. ‘InfinityBass‘ is my take on life as an Independent Musician, composer, Bass player and author ~ with a day job. “Being someone nobody thought I could be.”

Introduction | Jaydee Infinity Custom Bass | 31 7 2016I was born in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (UK), raised in Romford (East London) and live near Newbury, Berkshire with my wife and our three children.

Bass guitar is my 3rd instrument. I started on Violin at school in 1980, and I’ve always enjoyed writing on the piano, which I consider to be my other instrument.

The music I compose is an experimental fusion of ‘Dreampop’ (post-rock) and electronica, with elements of jazz and funk.

I am recording new music at home ~ mainly in song form, to complete my first EP/album release. This will be available as a physical CD and/or download for “name-your-price” via

Please bookmark my feed, or this page for updates, or connect with me on social media. Follow the link to my contact page.

Introduction | | Bandcamp

Why Bandcamp?

“Bandcamp is an on-line community of listeners, who support the artists they love by paying them directly. Bandcamp is also a platform for artists to sell physical and downloadable music and merchandise directly to fans”.

In Summary: –

  • I like Bandcamp because it feels down-to-earth and authentic;
  • Uploaded audio files are converted to many formats;
  • I like the way you can filter by a couple of parameters (such as genre), and find undiscovered gems.
  • Who is making money from streaming? Bandcamp gives the highest percentage cut to the artist (85-90%) and still serves up 320 kbps MP3’s;
  • There’s still something good about purchasing music; because it’s better to help other artists out. ~ disclosure

There is no paid advertising on my website. I do not receive any cash, products for review purposes or sponsorship from any individual(s).

However, I may wish to recommend or promote a product or individual voluntarily.

Finally, all views expressed on my webpages are mine alone.

 Introduction | | 2016Simon Edward | | Updated: July 2016

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